10 Best Things To Do When In Singapore

A little bit of a background on what kind of traveler I am; I love taking good photos of architectural buildings and infrastructure both old and new, I love to try local cuisine (except exotic food), I love going to museums to understand their culture and historical background and off course I love exploring the city.

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Exploring Southeast Asia

I recently traveled Southeast Asia exploring the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. If you want to start packing your clothes and venture into traveling but do not have a clue on which destination to explore first, Asia is a perfect continent to begin your adventure.

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How to Fulfill My New Year's Resolution

There is something about a New Year that thrills us- an opportunity to create brand new beginnings that is aimed towards becoming the better versions of ourselves as compared to last year. This is actually a perfect mindset to start the year right. We are fueled with hope that this year is going to be a great year for us and we write down our goals and New Year’s resolution. We vow to make changes this year for the better. 

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Adventures in Mount Pulag

This is a story about a first time climber who trekked one of the highest mountains in the Philippines.  It was not an easy trek but the beauty that awaits this experience lingered with her and is definitely worth repeating.

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My First Attempt to Video Blogging

I love taking photos whenever I travel. But more than just taking photos, a bulk of my camera and iphone's memory/storage are videos. I like rekindling the moment again and again....


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