My First Attempt to Video Blogging

I love taking photos whenever I travel. But more than just taking photos, a bulk of my camera and iPhone’s memory/storage are videos. I like rekindling the moment again and again; and whenever I have videos of my trip, every time I play and watch it on my phone, it feels to me like I was literally transported back to the moment where my feet have touched the soils of the place where I’m at –as captured in my videos.

I don’t often publish my videos on social media. Now, since I need to free up my camera’s space, and also want to have a space online where fast forward from today, I can have my future husband and children watch my trips that I have documented, and since topics  that I truly enjoy are travels and adventures; I feel this is going to be a habit for me, to do a video blog, documenting all of my trips, specifically my first time adventure to that place. I’m also hoping that whoever chance upon watching my videos can learn something from my adventure. Perhaps one of my trips is in your bucket list, so at least I have given you a big picture of the place that you will be visiting.

So, for my first video blog adventure, watch my Boracay trip last month. It's a 5-minute video that I attempt to put together to show a glimpse of one of the most sought after tourist destination in our country. I say, a glimpse because there's just so much to see and capture in this island of beauty. Although our stay was short- 3 days &  2 nights, my trip in Boracay is one amazing trip that I would sincerely see myself visiting again in the future. 

Hope you enjoy this video. By the way, I don't have a good camera so I'm just using my iPhone 6s to capture everything. :) 

Thanks for watching and I’m happy to be sharing my trips with you all.


Anne Jamon

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