10 Best Things to Do When In Singapore

 Whenever I travel both international or local; I usually visit blogs and read topics about Top Things/Activities to do in the country where I will be visiting. Although I don’t copy the exact itineraries or recommended activities in those blogs, I highly appreciate write-ups like those because it helps me see my options and helps me paint a little picture on my mind of the recommended places to visit when I get there. After my research I can start drafting my own itinerary aligning my activities with things that I will enjoy the most. 

Now, after my Southeast Asia tour last May visiting five countries, It's my turn to write and share about my  Top 10 Things To Do in the countries I've visited and I will start with Singapore. 

A little bit of a background on what kind of traveler I am; I love taking good photos of architectural buildings and infrastructure both old and new, I love to try local cuisine (except exotic food), I love going to museums to understand their culture and historical background and off course I love exploring the city.

As mentioned in my previous blog http://www.annejamon.com/travel-adventure/exploring-southeast-asia-travel-journal   to make your trip a truly memorable one for you and for your family, it is important to determine your personality and what activities you will likely enjoy the most instead of just copying other travelers’ checklist. Although, I must say, people’s suggestions and recommendations truly help you see the big picture on what you can expect from your trip,I would highly recommend that you create your own itineraries. After all, the goal of your trip is to maximize as much as possible your vacation time to truly create wonderful memories that you can always look back. So, indulge in building great memories by maximizing your activities to what you and your family (if you are traveling with them) will enjoy the most.

If you are the type of a traveler who enjoys taking photos of buildings and structures; modern and old, not afraid to try local dish, enjoys arts and culture, then, I hope you could get something that will be relevant and helpful for you in this blog since my to do list revolves around these.. 


 10 -Explore Around Marina Bay and enjoy a good cosmopolitan view of Singapore's Financial District and get a photo op with Merlion.

Marina Bay is situated in the Central Business District of downtown Singapore. The waterfront promenade around it makes it possible for people to stroll around the area with ease while enjoying a great view of the cosmopolitan center. Singapore is an epitome of Modern Architectural designs. There are iconic structures in the Marina Bay that gives the perfect enhancement to the already breath taking view. One definite stand out is the ArtScience Museum- a gigantic white lotus flower structure that houses modern and creative galleries. The national symbol of Singapore which is the Merlion; a structure with a lion head and a fish body is the most photographed among travelers visiting this country. You can easily spot it while your enjoying a breezy walk around this area so if you are around Marina Bay,take time to have a photo op with the Merlion. the significance of the Merlion is like the Eiffel Tower of Paris in France. 

9-Visit the view deck at the Marina Bay Sands and enjoy a fantastic 360 degrees view of skyline Singapore while enjoying famous chef prepared meals. 

Marina Bay Sands is a luxury resorts hotel popular for its location and view. The exterior of the hotel stands in a three pillar structures connected by a seemingly ship/boat "looking" on top. The view offers a fantastic skyline view of Singapore. There is also a restaurant at the roof deck serving gourmet meals prepared by renowned locale chef. What a great experience to enjoy the sight and the food altogether. (just a cute little disclaimer, I did not checked in here. You can however go to their viewing deck and it is open also to outside visitors and not just exclusive to guests checked in at the hotel. However, the use of the infinity pool also at the view deck is exclusive for guests checked in at the hotel.)

8-Enjoy the spectacular Lights Show in the evening at the Marina Bay and be amazed by the colorful city lights.

The Evening Lights Fountain Show at the bay is a spectacular display of colorful lights combined with music and sound weaved together to narrate a beautiful story. The Lights Show is one of the City's highlight every evening at the Promenade area in Marina Bay. This entertainment is free and open to public. 

7- Explore the magnificent  Gardens By The Bay and be in awe of the great treasures of flowers,plants and more

Considered one of the most visited tourist spot in Singapore, this 101 hectares of land is strategically located in Marina Bay's central business district and has the most amazingly unique themed gardens and parks. The Super Trees Grove- tree like structures with a height ranging 82 feet to 160 feet is among the major highlight of this park and it has a hanging bridge that gives you a good panoramic aerial view of the gardens and the city.  In the evening, the Super tree groves are adorned with beautiful & colorful lights and there are live entertainment with music at the tree top restaurants. Truly a must visit in Singapore. 

The Gardens By The Bay has two cooled conservatories; Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. I was only able to enter one conservatory during my visit because Flower Dome is undergoing maintenance at that time. One of the highlight in the Cloud Forest dome aside from the rare plants is the man-made waterfalls, currently the world's largest indoor waterfall.

6-Enjoy great food and music in restaurants that looked like Village Homes surrounded with festive lights at Clark Quay. 

I love vibrant and colorful lights! I always have a fascination for beautiful lights and what's unique about Clark Quay is that the restaurants and food stalls look like colorful village homes along the riverside and  in the evening when the village homes are lighted up it gives you an amazing view. Clark Quay is popular among tourists enjoying good food and live music entertainment. There are many restaurants to choose from serving different international cuisine, from asian to western. 

5-A visit to Esplanade, the National Performing Arts Center in Singapore.

The Esplanade or Theater by the Bay is another unique structure that looks like a durian (fruit). Esplanade is the center of performing arts in Singapore both national and international. They have a full pack schedule of world class performances and arts/visual exhibits, check their website for the most updated schedules. 

4- Shop & Dine Local Cuisine in your visit to China Town

If you love buying souvenir items on bulk during your trip to Singapore, Chinatown is a good place to shop because of the variety of souvenir items to choose from that you can buy at a really good price. After shopping, you can satisfy your palate by indulging on a variety of local delicacies. There are food stalls and restaurants serving different local dishes. It's a great place to feast on good food.

3-A tour around Singapore's National Museum

What better place to understand the richness of Singapore's history than the National Museum, archived with stories from how they've started as a nation to what they have become- an economic giant known in the world. 

2-Touring around Singapore's Central Shopping District, Orchard Road

The streets of Singapore unlike other Asian countries are not busy with private cars and vehicles because of their excellent Mass Transport (Train) System which connects to many important places in Singapore. Commuting in Singapore is preferred by most locales over driving their own cars.  The only busy street I've seen so far is the Orchard Road and it is mainly because it is the  Shopping hub in Singapore. If you enjoy shopping, you will definitely find something here.


1-A visit to Sentosa, the most popular island resort and themed parks in Singapore

And off course, your visit to Singapore will not be complete without exploring this famous 5km island resort of Sentosa. Dedicate one full day including evening to maximize the many activities that you can choose from. Universal Studio is also a highlight in this resort specially if you have children.  As for me, one of my major activity includes riding a long cable car touring me around Sentosa Island on air. I always like panoramic aerial views may it be in the city or islands so I like riding cable cars. 

I also enjoyed the spectacular evening lights show which ran for more than 30 minutes. I definitely don't have the right words to describe it so I would just include a short video clip to the actual lights show.

Overall, I truly enjoyed my trip to Singapore because of their many tourist spots and warm and courteous locales. I love that they have excellent public transportation and it is just so easy to tour around Singapore because of their efficient transport system. I also find Singapore a very safe place to travel. It is also a good place to shop for electronic devices because they have tax exemptions specially for tourists. I also love that the country is very diverse and a melting pot of different cultures as evident in the wide variety of food choices; from Japanese, Indian, Thailand,Indonesia and even European dishes, also as reflected in some of their popular streets and towns; there is China Town, Little India, Hong Kong Street to name a few. 

That wraps up my 10 Best Things to Do in Singapore.  You can also visit the Tourism Board of Singapore at http://www.yoursingapore.com/en_ph.html

My next write up will be a List of To Do in Malaysia. Till my next blog! Thank you for reading!

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