And so it's May

So it’s May.  It feels as if just yesterday when we were all glued to our clocks eagerly waiting to celebrate the New Year as it strikes midnight on December 31st.

Fast forward to today,

Here we are, in the 2nd quarter of the year 2017. I thank the Lord for the 1st quarter for He has been faithful, and I know He will always be faithful.

When the daily grinds of life somehow overtake us and make us feel like we are always on the run, let us take the time to pause and reflect. It is with these pauses that we appreciate the many valuable things that we have and the season that we are in, that would have gone unnoticed if we did not take the time to pause and appreciate.

And so I want to take a moment to pause, reflect and journal the things that I’ve realize are more important than just making a scheduled list of plans to do or things to achieve for this year.

Setting a direction is important before creating a calendar filled up with so many activities. The goal is not just to have so much accomplished activities crossed out this year in our things to do, but to have a good assessment whether these activities inch us closer to the direction of where we want to go or be (of course after much prayer before this year started).

Which boils down to my most recent reflections, which I'm using my blog as an avenue to share. :)

1.    Focus and Zero in towards your goal even if it meant making some sacrifice.

  I love to travel.  It’s a very important part of me and hopefully, I can marry someone who also loves to travel. LOL. But, since this year, I am committed to being more financially wise with a consideration of the future, I need to learn how to sacrifice and scale down on my trips here and abroad so I can fund other important ventures (Insurance, Investment). I’m only scaling down because I still see how important it is to take trips, especially outside the country to widen my perspective. However, since I have to prioritize my spending, I am hopeful that in this lifetime, I will be able to travel to as many countries around the world together with my family and future family, God-willing. 

2.     Have a Record of the Things that you are grateful for. What you are enjoying right now are the things that were once on your prayer list.  Don’t let your blessings go unnoticed or don’t forget to thank the Lord for all these answered prayers. I keep a record of what I call “Praise Reports” every month of the things that I’ve thanked the Lord for. Remembering your answered prayers stretches your faith and increases your hope to keep praying for the things that you are still believing God for that is still yet to be answered.

3.     Live at the Moment but do not neglect the Future. I really see the value of living at the moment. It’s important that we enjoy the beautiful life that God has given. But as we fill up our calendar with the many things we need to do, we also have to be mindful that whatever we do today, our habits and lifestyle will impact greatly our future. Say, if we want to be an expert at something, learning a skill about that subject matter today will truly help us gain mastery over it in the future.

However, on the other extreme, it’s also not good to be merely thinking about the future and working really hard because of its future rewards.

We just have to chew things slowly; enjoy life as it is and thanked the Lord for today, but also know that the best preparation for tomorrow will be today, whether it be financially, or in wherever you see yourself say in the next 5 years.

4.     Don’t be too hard on yourself when plans fail. It’s okay to have plans, it’s okay to set goals, but at the end of the day, we have to acknowledge that Someone Sovereign is in-charge of everything. So, when things do not go according to how we’ve planned it, let God be God. Know that He is in control. He directs our steps accordingly. When things do not go as planned, either God has a better plan or we need to seek the wisdom of God to know how we can best manage the situation.

There you have it, my blog for the month of May. By the way, wondering why the title? It’s my birth month and so for me, May is a special month, my second favorite month next to December.  I am grateful to the Lord for giving me another fruitful year and of course believing God for a long life ahead. Thanks for reading.

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