Will you choose Fear or Faith?

And so, this blog has had 5 revisions since last night when I started my draft. All entry differs from the first one. Funny how when I write at times, (I’m sure some of you can relate) that because there is so much we want to write about, when we actually put it into writing, we find our selves revising it with new ideas. Anyway, starting another entry on Will you choose Fear or Faith? Choosing to Live your Destiny.

Have you had a great vision/aspiration/dreams/goal in mind that you get so excited about and you can almost imagine yourself living in that moment? However, when you begin pursuing it, you suddenly shifted energy from excitement, to being hesitant and doubtful whether you can really make it through. From a far, the aspirations look so good to you, but when you start your journey, seeing the reality that there are obstacles/challenges ahead of you, you begin to lose faith. You dismiss these dreams and say; well, I think it’s so hard to achieve it, maybe it’s not meant for me. Or, the situations right now are not on my side so I just take it as a sign that it’s not meant for me.

Sadly, we missed out on a lot of great things God has in store for us, simply because we settle within the confines of our comfort zone. I am not saying we should always have to go out on an adventure and get out of our comfort zone,but it will sure help if we have a shift of perspective and begin to dwell on the great “possibilities” ahead of us in pursuing our goals rather than dwelling on what looks “impossible” for us. Because when we begin our baby steps towards our goal, we will get there with God’s help.

The highway may not always be a straight path, but if we are passionate about the things that matter to us, we will not let fear overtake us and we will continue to conquer even when there will be times of difficulty.

Challenges/Obstacles actually mold us into becoming the best versions of ourselves. Why? It is when we push ourselves harder to conquer mountains that is bigger than us  can we discover new things about us; new strength that we never knew is there ready for the battle, or a new skills set waiting to be discovered.

Now, have an inventory of yourself today and ask, what is it that matters to you? Do you want to become a businessman? Have you always wanted to be a song writer? Do you write? Do you want to have a family of your own?

Whatever it is that you see yourself doing in the long haul, the best preparation is today. Start investing on those new skills which will help you with your goal. A recent personal story, I just graduated a short course training on Baking and Pastry Production and my venture on this started because I always enjoy cooking for my family and friends. I enjoy serving and it gives me joy to prepare craftily the best meals,cakes and pastries for the people I love. That has become one of my goal. Anyhow,there is no such thing as a small dream. If it is important to you, then it is a Big Dream for you. Often, the things that you are really passionate about are reflections of your purposes in life. And your purposes in life if you'll notice does not only desire to serve ourselves but it finds more meaning when we can serve others through it.  So now, whatever it is that you are passionate about, make a decision to take action. A decision to take action, or a decision to not take action is nevertheless the same-decision, but the outcome off course varies from whichever of the two we make. Our decisions today will determine where we will be in the future.

Now, are you stepping out of your comfort zone to take the necessary baby steps to pursue your God-given dreams? (I am also asking myself these and doing inventory for the things yet that I still would need to work hard on.)

If not, I encourage you to pause and evaluate how much these dreams means to you, then go to God and pray for wisdom on how to pursue your goals. Next, be informed and get as much help needed. We live in the world were we literally are bombarded with a lot of resource materials available. Use it to your advantage but be able to filter also a good information from a rotten one. I’ve once read that the reason why we are unable to fulfill and accomplish our God-given purposes in life aside from fear is ignorance-the lack of proper mindset on how to start.

Do not let fear overtake you from becoming the best of what God has called you to be. After all, we all have our “lots”, the purposes of why we are born. It is up to us to make those right choices and commit to embracing your destiny.







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